Thursday, July 5, 2018

Dynamic DNS vs Google Domains

Why in the world would anyone want to pay $24 or more a year for a DDNS service like no-IP or DynDNS when you can get essentially the same thing for cheaper using Google Domains?

Seriously, you can buy a domain for $12 a year and then have as many host names as you would like for half the price.

All you need is a router that supports DNS-O-Matic.
  1. Buy a domain from
  2. Follow these steps to add a synthetic record to your new domain.
  3. Setup an account with DNS-O-Matic.
  4. Add a service for each host you added in Step 2 using the credentials provided by Google
  5. Setup your router to update DNS-O-Matic
Then whenever your IP address changes the router will update every host you have.  You can even use it to keep your network updated in OpenDNS for content filtering if you need it.